Alumni Story

Aaron March 
Class of 2001
September – 2019 

2001 graduate Aaron March said that he didn’t know what he wanted to do when he left school, but he knew that “you only get one go at life so you may as well have a crack at something worth achieving”. Starting a social enterprise, ‘Beat Cancer’ that sells a range of trendy products, donating 100% of profits to fund cancer research, is definitely, ‘worth achieving’! 

Reflecting on his time at Doncaster Secondary College, Aaron sees how getting involved in everything the school has to offer not only makes it more enjoyable but provides you with a whole range of new skills. Joining the school production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ was something a bit out of his comfort zone, especially considering “he could not dance and was rubbish at singing” but ended up loving it- and still has the production jumper to this day. It is these skills that may not seem directly relevant to your desired career path, that often is beneficial to some degree in the future. Beat Cancer has allowed Aaron to put everything he learnt during his time here at DSC, throughout his tertiary studies and professional career into practice. 

What inspired you to start ‘Beat Cancer?’
The inspiration to create Beat Cancer came from two places. Firstly, when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, I remember feeling so helpless and saying to myself I wish there was something I could do. Secondly, it came from the idea that the only way to find a cure for cancer is by research and the more we fund cancer research the faster we will find a cure. So, we created a concept that uses the power of business to generate cash to fund cancer research. The best part of our model is that customers get to donate to cancer research for free as there are able to donate the profits from their purchases. I will explain this concept further, today I was wearing Toms shoes, Beat Cancer Headphones, drinking Thank you Water and reading a The Big Issue. In doing so I have provided shoes for a child in need, safe drinking water, assisted with homelessness and funded cancer research. I estimate that there is about $75 profit generated from these purchases, which I have ‘donated’ and which has not cost me any more than the stuff I would normally buy.

What would you say is your ‘dream goal’ for Beat Cancer moving into the future?
At Beat Cancer we have big plans, today we sell headphones and hoodies in the near future we will look to move into financial products. We have commenced talks to launch the Beat Cancer Credit card, following this we will look to move into insurance products. The ultimate goal is to set up a bank, imagine the impact on cancer treatments if banking profits were used to fund cancer treatments.

For more information about Beat Cancer, follow this link to their website. https://beatcancer.world