Staff Profile

Carly Sayer
December – 2017

What subjects do you teach?
Health, PE and Biology

Why did you decide to get into education?
Every day is different, and every class is different. I enjoy forming relationships with young people and helping young people. I also love the subjects I teach, so it all works together. I can do all those things at once in teaching.

This year (2017) you were Year 7 Coordinator, what has been most rewarding about coordinating this year?
Seeing how well the Year 7s have transitioned from Grade 6 into high school. Noticing how nervous they were on Orientation Day, and then looking at them toward the end of the year and seeing how confident they are.

How do you view your role as a coordinator? As a disciplinarian, a mentor, a friend?
I think students need to understand there are consequences for their behaviour, so in that sense, they do need to have that disciplinary role. But I also want to be their mentor, so I can help them to mature and develop positive behaviours on their own. So often if there are issues with students, we’ll have mediation, this teaches them how to work things out on their own. I think this is so important.

How important is Student Voice at Doncaster Secondary College?
The Year 7s have done such an amazing job with the student-led assemblies this year. They’ve blown me away with what they’ve been able to do. I think it’s really important for students to be able to contribute to what happens at this school. I think when we allow them to have their say, they have more respect for their teachers and the school, and it’s going to be mutually beneficial for staff and students.

What do you hope that students take out of their thirteen years of schooling?
I hope they are confident people. I know mental health is a pretty big topic these days and many people suffer from it. I hope the students at this school have the skills to cope with their years after schooling. I want to encourage students to have a positive attitude so that they can tackle whatever comes next and accomplish anything they put their minds to.