Education Support Dogs

What are Educational Support Dogs?

The aim of having Educational Support Dogs is to improve wellbeing and engagement across the school. This will be achieved through improving socialising skills and self -awareness skills that are part of the Social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies. These competencies are linked to Victorian Curriculum standards. These competencies are addressed in our Discovery program under the Respectful Relationships program (RRRR). We have implemented this program school-wide on a trial basis.

How do they benefit students?

Educational Support Dogs benefit students in numerous ways including;

  • Educationally
  • Increasing their understanding of responsibility
  • Developing empathy and nurturing skills through contact with a dog
  • Facilitating a reduction in post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety
  • Providing students with a safe and comforting support

Visit Monash University’s website to learn more.

About our Educational Support Dogs

We have two Educational Support Dogs at the College, Ziggy and Bowie. Both dogs are miniature Groodles (Golden retriever x Poodle). They have been chosen for their very mild temperament, intelligence and their hypoallergenic non-moulting coat. Ziggy and Bowie have been trained by Paw Behaviour Dog Training and will continue specific training to become Therapy dogs. This is different to a service dog. Ziggy and Bowie have a natural ability to refocus students who may be feeling upset for a variety of reasons

Your support to continue the growth and development of our new Educational Support Dogs program will be greatly appreciated. If you are current parent of a student at our school and would like to support us you can do so through Compass.

How can you do this?

1. Log on to Compass portal
2. Click on Course Confirmation & Payment
3. Click on 2019 Voluntary Contributions
4. Select Wellbeing