Enhanced Programs

We have a range of extension and enrichment experiences to offer our students to enhance their learning experience at Doncaster Secondary College.

Select Entry Accelerated Learning (Year 7 – 9)

The SEAL program at Doncaster Secondary College is designed to meet the needs of gifted and high-ability learners and to challenge them to achieve their potential.

SEAL students undertake an enhanced curriculum which contains a range of extended tasks, activities and content aimed at providing students with the opportunity to explore material in considerable depth. Due to this, each subject’s curriculum is generally covered a faster rate than in the mainstream classes. In English, SEAL students study a different range of texts to their mainstream counterparts. The SEAL curriculum has also been embedded with a range of tasks that focus on stimulating students’ critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

VCE Acceleration Program

Year 10 students are able to commence their VCE studies with the opportunity of taking part in a VCE Acceleration Program, which provides them with challenge and the chance to develop skills which will support their senior studies.

ELES Study Skills

On the ELES website, you will be able to learn, enhance and/or refine skills to become well equipped in a range of areas of your life.
Your teacher will assign different modules for you to work through, throughout the year.