Preparing to start

Beginning at a new school can seem daunting. This section provides some helpful information on preparing to start at the College.

For the students

The College has a well-developed Transition Program that helps students to adjust from their primary schooling, so that they can continue to grow, learn and thrive at the College.

  • Orientation Day, held early in December, gives Grade 6 students a chance to experience a day at secondary school, meet their teachers and other new students and to learn about the timetable and where everything is located.
  • At the start of the school year, students will take part in an Orientation Program, focusing on team building activities, to get students feeling more comfortable with their peers.
  • Early in the school year, the majority of Year 7 students will attend an Orientation Camp, where many establish friendships with their peers and get to know their teachers.

For the parents

  • A Social Evening will be held at the College for Year 7 students and their parents. It is a fantastic opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teachers and friends.

All students attending Doncaster Secondary College need to wear the correct uniform to and from the College. This also applies where there are excursions, unless permission for free dress has been given. Any student who is not wearing the correct uniform will need to obtain a Uniform Pass by bringing a note signed by their guardian/ parent. Failure to do this may result in a detention.

School Uniforms can be purchased from the PSW store in Kew East.


For more information, download this Uniform Price List.

Second-hand uniforms can be purchased and sold through the Sustainable School Shop website.

Sustainable School Shop

For more information, download this Helpful Tips document for Buying and Selling Second-hand Uniforms.

  • Our resource list can be accessed on the Campion website.
  • Second-hand textbooks can be purchased and sold through the Sustainable School Shop website

  • Jacaranda eBook Bundle for year 7-10 students

Students’ usernames and passwords are issued once payment is received. Payments can be made via Parent Portal (Compass) or at the Front Office. Each year a new payment needs to be made to continue access to Jacaranda accounts.

There are two official College bus services run by the Transdev Bus Company, solely for Doncaster Secondary College. The official bus timetables can be found below.

8006 Doncaster Secondary College (AM)
9005 Deep Creek (PM)
9006 Warrandyte Rd & Blackburn Rd (PM)

For further enquiries please contact the Transdev Bus Company via phone on 9488 2100.
Timetable information: http://www.transdevmelbourne.com.au/school-bus-timetables-pdfs/doncaster-secondary-college/

‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) allows students to access numerous learning resources, including eBooks and build their ICT capabilities in the areas of visualising, thinking, creating and communicating.

BYOD minimum system specifications