Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program

Doncaster Secondary College recognises the needs of high achieving students by offering the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program to those students.

Application to the SEAL program

For entry into the 2022 Year 7 SEAL class at Doncaster Secondary College students will need to undertake an assessment completed by Edutest. The test is scheduled to be conducted after families have received their ‘High School Placement Notification’ (through their primary school). To register your child for testing and consideration, please follow this link.

Due to a change in DET regulations, the original SEAL testing date will no longer be Friday, 16th July. This year’s SEAL examination will be held from 9.00 am – 12.30 pm on Friday, 3rd September 2021. Please note, registrations will now be open from Thursday, 5th August until Monday, 23rd August.

The Year 7 and 8 SEAL classes ensure that high achieving students are able to work with others of similar abilities while remaining with their age peers. SEAL students remain together for their Year 9 core subjects but mix with mainstream students in their Arts/Technology electives, Languages and Myself classes. In Year 10, SEAL students with consistently high results will be considered for a place in the Year 10 Extension Math and/or Extension English class.

SEAL Program Information

Education research shows that accelerated learning – the delivery of curriculum at a faster rate – matches the learning needs of academically gifted and talented students, who are quick to grasp basic concepts and are thus ready sooner to be challenged by the increased complexity that comes from advanced level curriculum. Accelerating the curriculum is shown to be twice as effective for gifted and talented students than conventionally paced teaching.

How does the SEAL program work?

Those students selected to join the program after testing and interview form a discrete class at years 7, 8 and 9. Curriculum in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Humanities is accelerated, such that the students complete Years 7-10 in three years.

This allows students to undertake a three-year VCE, broadening the range of subjects they undertake and allowing them to complete more year 12 (Unit 3 & 4) studies than a mainstream student. As a result, SEAL students are in a position to calculate a higher ATAR score at the end of their VCE than are mainstream students. As part of this VCE program, some students undertake VCE Extension Studies which allows them to complete one or more university subjects.