Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program

Doncaster Secondary College recognises the needs of high achieving students by offering the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program to those students in year 7 through to 9.

Application to the program

This class ensures high achieving students are able to work with others of similar abilities while remaining with their age peers. The SEAL program covers similar curriculum content to mainstream classes but ensures these students are challenged and are offered opportunities to explore material in considerable depth with rich tasks applying high order thinking skills.

Only students who are currently in Year 6 and will put Doncaster Secondary College as their first preference are eligible to apply for this program.

Students need to complete an assessment conducted by edutest. To register your child for testing and consideration, please follow this link.

Advantages to the program are:

  • Students are challenged in their learning and are therefore more motivated and productive in class
  • Students have the opportunity to study two VCE classes in Year 10
  •  Students will enter VCE with advanced skills
  • Students can study their subjects in more depth