Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program

Doncaster Secondary College offers an extension/SEAL program to students beginning from year 7. 

Expanded opportunities for high-achieving and high-ability students

The Year 7 and 8 SEAL classes ensure that high achieving students are able to work with others of similar abilities while remaining with their age peers. SEAL students remain together for their Year 9 core subjects but mix with mainstream students in their Arts/Technology electives, Languages and Myself classes. In Year 10, SEAL students with consistently high results will be considered for a place in the Year 10 Extension Math and/or Extension English class.

Advantages to the program are:

  • Students are challenged in their learning and are therefore more motivated and productive in class.
  • Students can study their subjects in more depth.
  • Students will enter VCE with advanced skills.
  • High performing students have the opportunity to undertake an expanded VCE program, depending on academic requirements and subject availability.
  • Undertaking VCE classes in Year 10 allows students to complete a greater number and range of VCE subjects by the end of Year 12. The extra subjects attract a 10% bonus in the calculation of the ATAR score.
  • Year 12 students who are completing a three-year VCE, may also study a university-enhancement subject in their final year. This provides extra credit for their ATAR, and assists in preparing students for tertiary studies.

Application to the SEAL program

Information regarding the application process for Year 7 2024 families has been provided in the Year 7 Transition Book.