Doncaster Secondary College understands that students with a positive sense of wellbeing are more engaged learners, caring citizens and thriving people. 

Student Wellbeing

Our DSC Wellbeing Action Team includes parents, students and staff, giving everyone the opportunity to play a role in the health and wellbeing of our community. College staff includes roles dedicated to student support, such as Discovery teacher, College Chaplain, Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Youth Worker, Careers Coordinator, College Nurse, Student Managers and Educational Psychologist.

Pastoral Care

Our DiSCovery Program (pastoral care) builds skills required for students to establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. The DiSCovery teacher is a key contact for students and parents as they oversee the social, emotional and academic development of their students.

Wellbeing Programs

  • Breakfast Club
    Breakfast Club happens on a Thursday morning from7.45am and is run by volunteers from the local community.  Cereal, Milo, toast, pancakes(in summer) and toasties (in winter) are available free of charge to all students.
  • Basketball Club
    Volunteers from the local community run a basketball clinic every Friday at lunchtime for year 7 students of all skills and abilities.  Volunteers from the local community run fun drills and games. Older students who have come through the program often stay around to help run drills and encourage the years 7s.
  • Student Focus
    Student Focus is run by volunteers and is on each Friday at Lunchtime and is for year 7 and 8 students.  The group consists of a range of short unusual challenges and games that students are encouraged to participate in.  The aim of Student Focus is to provide entertainment at lunchtime but it also provides a safe environment for students to develop friendships.
  • VCE Lounge
    VCE Lounge run by volunteers each Thursday Lunchtime and aims to provide a relaxing atmosphere for VCE students to take time out.  VCE students are provided with hot drinks and snacks and they have the option to play games or sit and talk to the volunteers.
  • Connection Group
    The Connection Group is a student-led team, working with teachers to improve the wellbeing of the school community.
  • Preventative Wellbeing Programs
    Each year the wellbeing teamwork with organisations in the community to run small group programs to enhance the wellbeing of students. We work with the YMCA, Anglicare, Doncare and Ignite to deliver a variety of programs that address topics like dealing with difficult emotions, anxiety, respectful relationships, conflict management amongst other issues.