Doncaster Secondary College understands that students with a positive sense of wellbeing are more engaged learners, caring citizens and thriving people.

Student Wellbeing

Doncaster Secondary College offers a supportive school community where student wellbeing is fostered and valued. By nurturing students in this way, it helps them to thrive, become engaged learners and caring citizens both today and into the future.

DSC has a whole school approach to wellbeing that builds an inclusive culture of mutual care and respect where diversity is celebrated.

The DSC Wellbeing Action Team includes parents, students and staff. This allows all members of the school community to play an active role in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, and a sense of belonging for all. Student wellbeing roles within the College include the DiSCovery teacher, Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Youth Worker, Counsellor, Social Worker, Careers Coordinator, Health Centre Officer and Student Managers.

Our Wellbeing Placement Program also expands the College’s network by incorporating trained volunteers and students who are undertaking studies in social work, counselling or youth work.

Wellbeing Programs

  • Breakfast Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Student Focus
  • VCE Lounge
  • Connection Group
  • Preventative Wellbeing Programs