Principal’s Welcome

On behalf of the community of Doncaster Secondary College, I welcome all parents of our new students and especially those whose association with the College is just beginning.  Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision and I trust the accompanying information will assist you and your child.

Doncaster Secondary College prides itself on getting the best from students. The growth of each individual student is a focus and our excellent VCE outcomes are one reflection of this.  At the same time, we recognise that we must ‘work together and learn together’ if students are to achieve their potential.  The co-operative effort of students, parents and teachers is at the heart of the excellent outcomes achieved and pathways followed by our students.

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What We Value

Doncaster Secondary College students are active participants in a learning culture which promotes academic excellence and personal development through a diversity of challenging experiences.

The core purpose is underpinned by four core values.

for ourselves, each other and our environment
for our own actions
to embrace challenges with optimism and perseverance
working co-operatively with others

Students graduate from Doncaster Secondary College being inter-culturally capable and equipped to make a difference as socially and ethically responsible citizens.

– Ms Eva McMaster, Principal

Our College