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Year 7 Reflections

My Camp Reflection by Sarah

Waking up at 7am was not something that I enjoyed. I had trouble sleeping because of some snores. I know that it wasn’t their fault, since I had snored a little bit, too! I got dressed and got ready for breakfast. At 8am, the bell rang so that we could get some breakfast. I had some toast with butter, while I waited for the cereal to be brought out. Even though I enjoyed my cereal, I didn’t go up for seconds. After breakfast, we got ready for our activities. On that day, we went mountain bike riding as well as hut building. When we did hut building, I got drenched with water, since I was at the front of the hut. To be honest, it was actually kind of refreshing! So what if some clothes got soaking wet, isn’t that the idea of going on camp? Our next activities were canoeing and archery. Since I got soaked with hut building, I thought that it would be better if I didn’t capsize. I WAS wet enough, anyway. I enjoyed archery, even though I missed the target a few times, it was still good! Our last activity was the flying fox. I felt like I was soaring in the sky. The best activity by far! Then we had our dinner and got ready for Red Faces. I had a lot of fun, even though we didn’t win anything. We had supper and got ready for bed for a good night sleep.

My Camp Reflection by Dan

Last week we went to Camp Weekaway. Throughout the camp I felt extremely energetic and excited every day, looking forward to each activity we had. The highlight on this amazing camp was definitely Yabbie Person. It was really good because Nick and Jake and I had a huge water balloon fight against the teachers. Sadly we lost because they kept sneaking up on us and squishing them on our backs. Another thing that I enjoyed was when Theo (the Year 9 Peer Buddy) and I jumped off our canoe during the race at the end and we all got drenched. I also enjoyed the flying fox because of the thrill of the drop when you jumped off the edge. Our group also had a little competition in who could scream the loudest over the lake, but Theo won. I didn’t really care that much so I tried to touch the water with my feet and succeeded. Mountain biking was also good because at the end Theo and I got to go really fast back to the starting point.

My Camp Reflection by Natalie

The top highlight for camp would have to be the Flying Fox. The reason is that, all of the flying foxes I have been on are not that high. It was really high and you had to jump off the edge. I kept telling myself I can’t do it, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. First the harnesses went on and then you get hooked up to the ropes and then the big moment comes, JUMPING OFF THE EDGE. I was freaking out but I really wanted to do it. I did it and it was amazing going across the water. It will be one of the best things I’ve ever done. I enjoyed all of the activities which were hut building (where I got soaked), canoeing, bikes, initiatives, low ropes and the night walk which was super scary!!!! Overall camp was fun. I made new friends and tried new things which was good. I definitely can’t wait until the next camp we go on.

My Camp Reflection by Emily

The highlights to me were all the activities that we did during the duration of the camp, but mostly the night walk, hut building and mountain biking. The night walk was awesome!!! Although maybe just a tad CREEPY!!!! I mean telling kids that a crazy man who kidnapped several kids and a teacher dumped their car just a kilometer away from where we were sitting, just before we were going to walk back, yeah maybe just a bit much. Hut building was cool because we girls got to show off our nature survival skills; also the fact that we got to see the boys get drenched was hilarious. Bike riding was good because we got to explore the area where we were staying; we also got to ride up and down hills and rocky roads. The other things that I enjoyed were Mr. Annakis and Mr Lee getting themselves and fellow students ABSOLUTELY DRENCHED, Ms Gaudion capsizing at canoeing, Shanika getting drenched with muddy lake water, and just having a good old time with my friends and fellow class mates.