Student Voice & Leadership

Effective schools build a culture where teachers and students work together, and where student voice, agency and leadership are understood as inter-related factors that contribute to the notion of empowerment and a sense of school pride.

Student Voice and Leadership

At Doncaster Secondary College, student voice is an important part of the day-to-day running of our school. There are various opportunities for student’s to practice their leadership skills, including Class Leaders and our Year 9 Peer Leader program. We also have a Student Representative Council (SRC). Students are elected to the SRC through an interview processes and are given the opportunity to provide a voice for the student bodies they represent.

The SRC is primarily involved in policy, planning and assisting with daily school operations. It includes senior and middle school captains together with representatives from across all year levels. The SRC discusses a wide range of school issues such as uniform, curriculum, staff and student expectations. The SRC also meet to discuss proposals and recommendations that often get put forward to school council meetings.

The following students  proudly represent Doncaster Secondary College as members of the 2020 Student Representative Council:

Senior School Captains
Kelly N.
Elina J.
Zachary M.
Victoria M.

Middle School Captains
Abbey M.
Sarah C.
Oliver B.
Jazmine L.

Student Representatives
Jordan M.
Berry E.
Melina T.
Suzie Z.
Dana H.
Jaimie W.
Jasmine D.
Sophie N.
Che C.
Nicole L.
Andrelle W.
Maya C.
Tayla M.
Wade C.

Student Leadership Opportunities

The Interact club of Doncaster Secondary College aims to bring together students from all year levels enabling them to develop their leadership skills in one way or another, while discovering the power of Service Above Self.

What are the benefits?

Connect with leaders in your community and around the world to:

  • Take action to make a difference in your school and community
  • Discover new cultures and promote international understanding
  • Become a leader in your school and community
  • Have fun and make new friends from around the world

Around the world there are;

  • 20,372 Interact Clubs
  • 468,556 Interact Members
  • 159 Counties with clubs

What’s involved?

Interact clubs organize at least two projects every year, one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding. Rotary club sponsors mentor and guide Interactors as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills.

At Doncaster Secondary College, student voice is an important part of the day to day running at our college. Teach the Teacher is a student-led professional learning program for teachers, where everyone has a voice.

What are the benefits?

Teach the Teacher provides a space for our students, teachers and principal team to connect, explore and share ideas in a constructive and judgement free environment. By giving students a greater say in their education Teach the Teacher aims to create a positive community for all.

School for Student Leadership (SSL) is a Victorian department of Education and Training (DET) initiative offering a unique residential education experience for year nine students. The curriculum focuses on personal development and team learning projects sourced from students’ home regions.

What are the benefits?

Being part of the SSL team you will learn more about:

  • Environmental Education
  • Individual Learning and Reflection
  • Community Citizenship
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Developing Personal Life Skills
  • Developing Mental and Physical wellbeing
  • Building Social Relationships

What’s involved?

There are three iconic locations across Victoria. Doncaster Secondary College has proudly been associated with the School for Student Leadership for well over a decade. As a direct result of our students’ experience at the SSL, they are challenged to take on positions of leadership and responsibility within the DSC school and its community.

The Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) Program is a Victorian Government initiative providing Year 9 students with a 6 week immersion experience that prepares them to live and work as citizens and future leaders in an inter-connected global community.

This is a life changing opportunity for students and teachers to live and attend school in China. Combining language and cultural learning with personal development and leadership skills, the program focuses on one of Australia’s main trading partners, China.

The aims of the VYLC are:

  • Language acquisition
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Student leadership and global citizenship

Program Learning Goals Students

The following areas of learning have been identified as goals for students to be able to demonstrate growth and development as a result of this program:

  • Chinese language proficiency
  • Intercultural competence and understanding
  • Personal and social capability
  • Leadership skills and capabilities
  • 21st century skills such as creative and critical thinking and problem solving

Students will also have opportunities to:

  • Learn about China and deepen their cultural knowledge about modern Chinese society, Chinese traditions and history
  • Develop an understanding of the past and present experiences of Chinese people, their identity, values and culture
  • Appreciate China’s distinctive path of social, economic and political development, its position in the Asia‐Pacific region and its global interrelationships.